Maison Lucien Gau

150 years of passion and a family affair

Maison Lucien Gau was established in Paris in 1860 and is specialized in the manufacturing of bronze artwork: lighting, small pieces of furniture or decorating objects. The company’s greatest asset lies in its deep, long lasting dedication and passion for bronze artwork. When Charles Gau started his activity 156 years ago, he also triggered a family tradition of bronze crafting know-how - this flame has been passed on to all six generations who have run Maison Lucien Gau. All have succesfully perpetuated the tradition of bronze artwork, whether in the process of creation, manufacturing or restoration.

This combination of family and passion forms a cornerstone to which every staff member at Maison Lucien Gau commits –whatever their part in the process of product development.

Charles Gau’s legacy is still vivid – first through his son Henri, and his later heirs. Today, Julien Gau represents the sixth generation in the family to run Maison Lucien Gau. This family affair, passed on from fathers to sons, ensures a safe transmission of the job’s trades and secrets – thus bestowing each piece from Maison Lucien Gau with unique value.

Tomorrow, Maison Lucien Gau expects to further unfold its talents as bronze crafter, supporting a specific French flair and lifestyle « à la française » , ranging from pure traditional to rather modern styles. « Bluebird chandelier », created in 2016 and cobranded with Verre L’Essentiel, is a perfect picture for this new momentum.

From Charles to Julien – a legacy of passion for bronze artwork

Charles Gau 1831-1892

Henri & Gérard Gau

Henri Gau 1860-1944

Lucien & Pascal Gau

Lucien Gau 1895-1952

Julien Gau

A know-how that intertwines tradition and modern

Over time, craftsmen at Maison Lucien Gau have developed and refined their exceptional creative spirit and unique know-how in designing, manufacturing and replicating bronze artwork.

Our house has always promoted and favoured the tradition of French craftmanship - either to invent made-to measure artwork with sharp details, or render the genuine glow to ancient chandeliers – no matter what style or age.

Every stage of this meticulous work requires our staff to develop unique technical skills and a remarkable expertise when it comes to design, cast, turn, assemble, sculpt, gild, or apply glass to their artwork. Their ability to shape and embellish noble metals makes their work outstanding. 

Manufacturing artwork objects and bronze lighting results in a succession of meticulous operations – all being developed, reviewed and enhanced inhouse from generation to generation, while always keeping up to date with the latest manufacturing processes.