Maison Lucien Gau draws its inspiration from an exceptional heritage. Our craftsmen’s unmatched abilities to master all styles, ranging from Dutch, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, to Directoire, Empire, Régence, Art Nouveau or Art Déco, reveal their expertise in various artistic trends.

Our collections are a reflexion of timeless style, always accurately renewed - with a twist. They appeal to clients who cherish exlusive, yet authentically refined styles.

Fine bespoke lighting

Maison Lucien Gau custom and bespokes services has set succesful partnerships with renown home architects and interior designers – thus meeting the highest standards for prestigious, world-class hotel ranges.

Our custom and bespoke services are built on many years of chandelier and decorative lighting experience . The exceptional know-how of our bronze crafstmen results in an experience of over a hundred and fifty years. Whether Maison Lucien Gau is making a traditional crystal chandelier or a modern fitting, the hand crafted style and quality is always paramount.  Gilding and other finishing techniques ensure that the finished result is of the highest possible quality.

Maison Lucien Gau will carefully meet the most demanding design briefs’ requirements for high profile projects, hence embodying into metal the creative flame of signature designers. Our studio team takes a concept and develops it, giving clients a complete view of their design. Maison Lucien Gau can also provide full lighting design packages for internal and external decorative lighting.


We take historical conservation to heart – whether this legacy is French based, or comes from far away. Therefore, Maison Lucien Gau has developed specific, cutting edge restoration techniques for lighting and bronze objects, while taking into consideration the latest evolutions and trends.

Maison Lucien Gau is willing to perpetuate traditions: the handcrafted frame of a chandelier embraces both an exceptional, ancestral know-how and extreme delicacy in the execution of manual operations. We are experts in conversions and can advise clients on how best to restore their fittings whilst retaining their original historic integrity and value.

When restoring bronze chandeliers, lamps or decorative items, our passionate and inspired craftsmen value the authentic character of each piece of artwork they are taking care of,  thus bringing to the light their genuine glow and beauty. Restoration of antique or original chandeliers requires specialist skills, particularly when dealing with items which were not originally designed for electricity. Replacement crystal parts can be sourced or crafted and all fittings are wired to current electrical standards and safety regulations

We handle each project with a carefully documented and thorough approach, enabling our skilled craftsmen to restore ancient lighting, precious antiques, objet d’art and accessories.

Our Maison belongs to « Groupement des Entreprises des Monuments Historiques » (a French consortium of highly qualified companies specialized in restoration and preservation of historical monuments and objects) – an acknowledgment of the skills and know-how of our craftsmen.

Whether it is a piece manufactured by us or supplied by a third party, we are happy to supply quotations for installation projects in France or in Europe.


At Maison Lucien Gau, our talented craftsmen may replicate in the finest way one or several pieces of bronze artwork – bronze pieces being widespread in the French historical heritage – while integrating even the tiniest and most complex details, mimicking curbs and textures to keep the genuine value of the object at its highest level.

To achieve such a precise and meticulous replication, our Compagnons first create a mold from the original piece of art. Then, they will cast various metals, either lead alloy, copper, bronze, brass, iron or cast iron into the mold to duplicate the genuine artwork.